It is not a secret the growing appearance of platforms, apps for mobile phones, and other tools that arise in order to help and facilitate the lives of its users, whether to communicate, buy, sell, work, study, and even design. All these services, some free and others paid, bet that each person is autonomous and able to perform on their own a task for which they would normally have to pay. But how positive is this really?


When talking specifically about web development, platforms like Wix jump to the eye, which have gained popularity among millions of people who seek to embark on personal projects, and when they access them find that the task of creating a site is really simple. However, the reality that we all know is that there are more disadvantages than benefits to creating a page through these platforms.

Practically all of these programs work on the same principle, but Wix, for example, offers the possibility of “designing” a website in a fun, simple way and with quite eye-catching results. To explain it better, it is a kind of gallery with many templates full of effects and highly attractive designs, so that anyone can create a site without having studied or have a hint of knowledge in web programming or graphic design.

So, why not use it? The answer has been, and continues to be given by the same people who have been encouraged to use this tool. Too many problems after the site creation. And it will never be better to manage a serious site with Wix, instead of doing it with a specialized manager. Since making a website is not just another step, it is a giant step for the growth of a company, foundation or any project.


In many aspects of life seeking to economize expenses is well seen, but it is also well known that, in many other cases, cheap is expensive. This is one of those topics in which wanting to save a little money will bring a counterproductive result. Next, we will expose a series of difficulties that appear after using the Wix platform when creating a website:

  • Number 1: Unfortunately, it has excessively long loading times, which means that you have to wait too long to be able to see the page content.
  • Number 2: Anyone who tries to access a website and finds that it takes a long time to load, simply aborts the load and searches for another site. It shares its hosting, so the bandwidth is extremely congested with thousands and thousands of sites.
  • Number 3: Any entrepreneur’s goal, no matter what they do, is to position their brand, so that their services or projects can appear in the first results of search engines around the world. With Wix this is practically impossible, it seems a lie, but its pages are extremely difficult to find.
  • Number 4: The idea is that people can enter and know the products or ideas on the page without problems, even from their mobile phones. Sadly, the pretty thing loses its charm, since from the mobile it is impossible to visualize these pages, much more load time than from a computer, and if someone is encouraged to wait what is necessary to see the content, they will end up regretting it when they see the amount of data (MB) they consumed.

You can spend much more time enumerating the disadvantages of using Wix, such as not having your own Urls, or the impossibility of editing after saving the work done, since, if you want to refresh the web design, you must practically start from scratch and lose all the information. For this reason, and as has already been said, hiring a professional web designer and a programmer is the best option.


We already proved that using Wix is expensive in the end, because after spending valuable time and even suffering site crashes for days (another common failure), the obligation to seek the services of experts in the field of web positioning, such as designers, programmers and community managers, will be imminent. So why not save yourself some bad times and get off on the right foot?

Once you see the results of the work of professionals, the expense will have been nothing compared to the satisfaction of having a well-programmed site, with the desired style and that people increasingly visit more and more. An extra plus of counting on the professionals’ service is that they are responsible for answering you if there is any failure in the website, so you won’t have to sit back and wait for the website to fix itself, while losing visualization and valuable presence on the Internet, because the technicians will be there to immediately resolve any inconvenience.

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