What is it and what is wordpress for?


Surely more than once you have heard about WordPress. But … What is behind that word so pronounced in the mouths of computer and content generators? Well no more than less than the management system that uses more than 30 percent of web development to set up their sites. By far, the most employee in the entire world. Do you want to know more? Would you like to know what It can help you with? Then do not miss this note.



When talking about Content Management System or CMS, there is nothing that matches WordPress. Created in 2001 and a world leader in content management systems, it has become a real recognition in the world of web development. This is how this original creation for the blogs of Matt Mullenweg, has become a competitive platform, which allows to integrate and import all kinds of functionalities and is the world head in its field. Nowadays, it is very common that the content is edited from WordPress. And it will be for something, right? This is how it is worth knowing your reach.


Are you thinking about starting a website and using WordPress on it? Would you like to try changing Blogger or another content management system that you are currently using? Well, it’s not a bad idea. Very few can reach the WordPress level. These are some of the issues for which it is useful to use this leading CMS in the world.



To have your online store

One of the great advantages that WordPress allows you is that you can mount on it all kinds of plugins that significantly increase the potential of any website. Among them, there is WooCommerce, a user-friendly tool that allows you to seamlessly integrate all types of businesses to your website. For example, if you are thinking about marketing products through an online store, WordPress and this plugin can facilitate this without any problem. If you thought that creating a store was something unsafe and impossible computing, this CMS gives you the opportunity to achieve it easily and accessible.





To centrally manage your content.


Through WordPress you can handle absolutely everything that has to do with your content. Surveys, supplements, articles, store, multimedia content, everything is organized so that it can not work in any kind of problem. In addition, one of the positive points that your content editor has is completely simple to use. You do not need much knowledge of this. This is a great incentive for someone who is not very used to feel encouraged to start. And so that the expert also works extremely comfortable.


Have a multilingual site.


Another of the great benefits that WordPress has is that it allows you to have a site in many languages with a single add-on. Through these tools, you can import your content. The current machine translation techniques are at a very high level and you can get a report to reach a much wider audience. WordPress makes it very easy for you to get there.


Use a predesigned design easily.


Add to the great advantages that WordPress has, if you do not have much design idea, you can use the templates that already come with this platform. Nowadays, it is crucial to use a type of web design that is adaptable and that does not generate inconveniences between devices (that is, to be seen uniformly on a mobile phone, notebook or tablet) is crucial.



To improve your web position


Another thing about the most interesting things that WordPress has is that you can work the SEO without problems. In addition, it has everything necessary so that you can complement your best position in the search engines with their techniques and details. Of course, there is not an option that a newbie can handle, but yes, you can learn or work with your developer.

Appearing on Google before the competition is something that will help you if you also have more visits and / or potential sales.


Si crees que WordPress no es suficiente para ti o quieres algo mucho más específico, debes considerar otro CMS, incluso pensar en desarrollar uno personalizado, que te permita tener todo lo que necesitas en tu sitio web. De lo contrario, WP sigue siendo la mejor opción en todo el mundo para administrar el contenido de su sitio web.

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