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Image is, without a doubt, an essential part both of blogs and of web sites. To bring to success this kind of projects takes a lot of work and also some investment. Until recently, free access to image banks or stock photos was very limited. Fortunately, parallel to the boom in the use of open source resources, websites with high-quality photos have been created, where images can be downloaded free of charge and copyright-free as to avoid any problems related to reserved rights.


To get free stock photos has never been easier, nowadays a good picture can do much more than you imagine for any project you undertake. In the past, you had to acquire books with licenses to have free stock photos at your disposal. Later appeared CDs with pictures and digitalized illustrations. Now there are websites with free stock photos you can use in your projects with no difficulties.

The legal way to use any kind of image to carry out a workpiece or project is to have a written (virtual or on paper) permission of the author or to choose images under a Creative Commons License CC0. Websites with free images contain photos, illustrations and other productions of public domain, with no rights reserved. All those images can be used for commercial or personal use, can be modified, distributed and edited with no permission or statement.

There are free stock photos of all kinds, of landscapes, models, plants, food, animals, nature, designs, sports and many others. Are you on the lookout for gracious, beautiful stock photos to portrait in any kind of article, note or website? Pick your preferred free image bank amongst these six options, each one having its particular style, images and collaborating photographers.


If you are looking for free stock photos you should give Pexels an opportunity. This image bank contains creations by millions of photographers around the world. Here you can download high-quality stock photos free of charge, organized so that you can easily find what you need. It is their mission to help designers, artists, writers and any content creator to promote their products, illustrate notes, stories, websites and others using all kinds of images free of charge under the Creative Commons Zero license (CC0).


Another site where you will find a wide range of free stock photos is Unsplash. There are currently more than 550000 high-quality photos on this site, brought to you by a big community of photographers. This website in particular has artistic images, with great light, and plenty of dreamlike landscapes and models.


If having quality stock photos free of charge will make a big difference on your project, having permission to use them is not a minor issue. StockSnap offers all you need for your website, blog or any graphic project you want to undertake. You can use the images of this site under the Creative Commons CC0 License, that allows you to modify, edit and distribute them with any purpose.


This web makes available free of charge stock photos from other sites like Unsplash, Crowestone, Camarada, Splitshire and many others. This means it creates every day an enormous image database for free use, under a Creative Commons license. You can use your search engine to find, with key words, the image that you need, but you can also browse the images from a menu where all collaborating photographers are listed.


When it comes to talking of a great stock of free photos for graphic design you cannot miss out on the web All the free stock, where you will not only find free stock images, but also videos, sound effects, mockups, color inspirations, illustrations, fonts, icons and web templates. Even though the search feature is not the best, once you get hold of how it works you can use it to your greatest advantage.


And finally, a different stock photo download site free of charge: New Old Stock. Here you can download historical images that have come to be of public domain. You will find here more rare stock photos of all types and from everywhere around the world. Key historical moments, landscapes, in black and white and in full color. All those pictures live together on this special site.


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