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Because we know that attracting the attention of a potential client is very important for your business or company, a landing page helps synthesize the information and take the user where he wants to go. Without distractions, the information is shown in a way that does not cost you to understand-the, usable, well-designed, clear and concise.


In SofiArt we want to adjust to all the options, that’s why we give the option to design the web in .PSD, that is to say with Photoshop, only the design for its later layout in the CMS that the user wishes or customized. An image of what the user wants and needs is created and he decides how he wants and with whom he wants to implement it later.


Finally, the layout, either customized or with a CMS, is always responsive, oriented and prepared for the computer, tablet or mobile. We also contemplate the option of creating mobile-first webs specially designed and thought for a good functioning in the mobile, optimizing this option to the maximum.

There is no doubt that the internet is the largest communication medium in the world today, so much so that it is said that if your brand or company is not there, it does not exist. If you think about it, it’s true. What do you do when you need information about a product or service? Surely the first place you turn to is your computer, mobile or tablet to find it. This is why your business needs a web page in which to be known and promoted. We can offer you a web design service, oriented to the user. Know more about it.


Every brand must have a presence on the Internet, a means that keeps growing and where you can find everything you want. No brand can avoid having its space on the World Wide Web, since it not only brings you closer to millions of potential customers, but also keeps you in touch with them and shows your work.

  • Let you get to be known. It is not easy to undertake a new project and neither is maintaining a company working effectively. A web page allows you to always be at hand of potential customers.
  • Show what you do. Your web page is a space where you can show the products or services that you can provide. You can also use it as a sales space.
  • Stay in touch. Keeping your web page updated is essential to fulfill its function. In it you can keep your customers updated of new releases, offer important information and also interact with them, resolve doubts and concerns.

Having a complete and attractive website will allow you to strengthen the scope of your business or company, regardless of its size or sector. In addition, it is a way of always being close to the client, even if they are located in very distant geographical locations.


The web design belongs to the discipline of the design that consists of the planning, design, implementation and maintenance of a site. This activity combines many aspects such as interface design, information architecture, user experience (interactivity, navigability, usability), graphic design, images, texts, audios, videos and links, as well as Optimization to stay well positioned in the search engines and easily found by potential customers.

As professionals in design, web layout and communication, we can offer you all the necessary tools so that your brand, business or company stands out from the others, understanding the needs and expectations of potential clients and the importance of your project. We work as a team, combining our experience in all aspects that make up the creation of a web page.

For all this we can offer you the best services: development of web pages, applications and their maintenance, edition of existing content, solutions for all types of digital platforms, development of campaigns with marketing strategies geared to your needs and SEO optimization for that your website is positioned.


We are an experienced work team with suitable people who feel passion for their profession and who are in search of constant improvement, we also can count on the best productivity tools. This combination gives the best results in each project we face. Composed by professionals specialized in different aspects such as programmers, designers and projects managers, allowing us to be productive, effective and innovative.

We know that the most important thing is to know the recipient of the message we are going to develop, to increase the potential of your business, as well as the communication between our studio and you as a client. The design process consists of 5 stages, in which we will go hand in hand to achieve your objectives efficiently.

  • Evaluation. The process of creating a web page begins with the evaluation of both the target audience, your brand and what you want to convey.
  • Design. Once all the necessary aspects have been evaluated, it is time to begin to get down to work. With the presentation of drafts and different options for you to choose the one that identifies you 100%.
  • Once the perfect project has been chosen, it is time to start developing it completely, with all the tools to make it a functional and attractive website.
  • Once the development is finished, exhaustive quality controls are carried out in order to make continuous improvements so that your website always works correctly.
  • When we have the work ready, it is time that you have the opportunity to see your web page as your audience will know it.

From our study we provide all the necessary tools and resources, knowledge and dedication at a personalized level so that your brand has a presence on the Internet. In it your potential customers will find all the information they are looking for, in an attractive and dynamic way to boost your business and achieve growth every day.

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