The internet has become very demanding when it comes to competing in organic positioning or SEO, as they are constantly developing and updating new and better tools capable of offering all developers a myriad of new possibilities. The reason for choosing these tools is very simple: to have a good website is not enough with just a good content, all this has to be properly optimized to reach users faster (and better) through search engines.

There are tools to do SEO audits, set keywords, backlinks, know the load speed, conversion analysis, traffic analysis, social network management, and many more. Some you can get for free, with others you will have to pay a monthly fee. In this article you will learn some of the most famous effective tools to achieve success with your website.


For years, links have played a key role in the ranking of your site in search engines. Now, the provenance of these backlinks is more important than ever. Knowing this, the following free positioning tools will help you establish a better link strategy…


Open Site Explorer is currently one of the most popular tools for controlling backlinks. Open Site Explore uses the freemium model, and without an account there is a limit of 3 reports per day.

For anyone logging in with a free account, you will have access to 1,000 links to a given URL, and the first 15 backlinks include additional information. Each report also includes summary information about the requested URL: domain authority, the number of links to the main domain, and the total number of links.


Majestic SEO Site Explorer is another popular link verification tool, and like OSE, it uses a freemium template. If you are not registered, you will only be able to access general information about a requested URL or domain and check, for example, number of domains, external links, number of IP addresses, etc.).

If you register with a free account, you will receive additional information and will also have access to the first 5 backlinks and the 5 most important reference domains.


If you want to test the speed of one or more pages on your site you can use several tools, whether native to Google or third parties.  These do not require much technical knowledge to be used.


In its home page you will find a simple box where you can enter the url of the pages you want to examine, and after clicking the Analyze button you will see a series of values divided between mobile and desktop. It is completely free of charge.


GTmetrix provides some more services than Pagespeed Insights. In fact, this tool makes a more complete analysis and does not focus only on the Google search engine.

The positive aspects we find in this tool are different. In addition to analyzing a page’s performance you have several additional options among which are included:

  • Create a report of the analyzed page.
  • Compare two different sites and their performance.
  • Tests from different countries and/or browsers.
  • Create a follow-up of the page of your interest.


Pingdom is quite compliant, it is also a tool developed by third parties and not by search engines. The tool offers similar metrics to those seen in GTmetrix, in fact you will find the loading time of the page, page size or requests.



It is one of the most important keyword tools today. It uses 10 different search engines and is quite accurate. It also offers very useful SEO metrics. They currently offer a 7-day trial for about 5 euros.


This tool allows you to compare your data with the competition. Semrush reaches 118 countries and has more than 9.4 billion keywords, where it calculates them in terms of volume, click potential and difficulty.



This is one of the most used by webmasters, since once you have registered your site for free, you only have to access the search on the left side of the screen. This way you can have at your disposal a report of any duplicate title or description or other useful information on some other site.


It is a software that scans all the site you want and informs you of the presence of duplicate titles or broken links. Xenu is especially useful in the analysis of dynamic sites developed with asp or php technology.


It’s also important to know that you can find special tools with lots of features. Most of these are paid for, but they can be a great investment for your website.


The most recommended is WebSEO. This tool offers analysis of URLs, backlinks and domain strength. In addition, it offers you a complete SEO audit, among other functions. You can find this tool for free for 10 days, then you have to pay about 25 euros a month.

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