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ABOUT RASACO – rasacoarts.com

Ramon Sales Coderch was born in 1949, in Barcelona, ​​being the youngest of six brothers and ended, in the year 1961, being the sixth of 11. Many brothers and an intermittent artistic tradition, some brothers were of letters and others of sciences, some drew very well and others inherited the essential abstraction for the exercise of mathematics that was the office of his father.

Ramon was neither one nor the other, he did not draw either good or bad, he did not draw. He did not reason right or wrong, he reasoned. A casual event in his life, at age 15, changed Ramon’s relationship with art. Ramon had a professor of Soporific Religion at the Institute of Barcelona, ​​and he also had the class at three in the afternoon after eating. Ramon fell asleep, and the teacher called him to order several times. Ramon discovered that if he scribbled on paper he did not go to sleep and that was his salvation.

He liked those drawings and kept them, and they have accompanied him all his life. When he had a girlfriend, he gave them to her and she papered her room with those drawings. He taught them to his brothers and little else. He collected them. His girlfriend studied History of Art and he was gradually introduced to the artistic world of that time, he was a devotee of the movement “Dau al Set” especially of Joan Ponç.

The intellectual paths of Ramon led him to study economics, and get involved in the student movements of those years, with its unpleasant consequences. The refuge of all that time were his drawings and already some painting, watercolor, small sculptures, but as a traveling companion, since he never had the temptation to make the somersault to the professionalization of his artistic concerns.

Ramon, professionally derived in the then incipient world of computers and passionate about this changing and dizzying world. But always, as a vital need, he was accompanied by irrational creativity, drawing by drawing, surrendering to surrealism, not being a slave to the work of others or of oneself: creating for creating. Thousands of drawings accompanied him in silence, and he rarely showed his work beyond the restricted family world.

It was his daughter, Mariona Sales, in 1999 to celebrate its 50th anniversary, who organized an exhibition, hidden from him, right in the center of Barcelona. The surprise was great for Ramon and at that time he had for the first time in his life the temptation to professionalize his work. His work sold well and the “Testimoni” Collection, from “la Caixa”, bought one of his works. But little by little he returned to his semi-clandestine world of creation where he felt comfortable.

In 2009, when he turned 60, his concern led to a compilation of his limited poetic production interlaced with his most significant drawings that resulted in the publication of the book “Paraules trobades” very well received by critics.

Then, the compilation work of all his work, initiated by his daughter Mariona, in 2010, wanted to put order in the great production of his father. And here the miracle begins, Mariona reworks her work with the eyes of the 21st century, that is, she begins to make her work known through social networks and mixes her father’s work with digital postproduction of high artistic value, adopting the name of RASACO.

RASACO works are born from an idea, a dream, an illusion to fuse complicity and love for art between father and daughter.

Through the digital transformation of the father’s original works, the daughter tries to achieve a dual vision of art between two generations

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