News from the last version of creative cloud


Creative Cloud is an Adobe solution that gives you access to its wide range of web design software, graphic design, mobile apps, animation and video editing along with other creative services in the cloud. It began to be available in 2013, but since that first launch it has undergone changes in order to improve the user experience.


This Adobe service offers you programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premier Pro, Affter Effects, Dreamweaver and others with a monthly subscription that gives you access to the entire Adobe package, without the need to pay for each program separately. You already know what Creative Cloud is, but what are the news of its new version?


Always thinking about its users, Adobe implemented in its 2019 version new functions, applications and optimizations at the usability level that will surpass the previous version Creative Cloud CC 2018. From now on, just log in to Creative Cloud you will enjoy all these innovations.



There is no doubt that the computer is falling behind in terms of use, mobile phones, iPhone and iPad are everywhere and have become tools of work for many people around the world.

If you use Creative Cloud on Mac you can now enjoy all Adobe applications and programs adapted to other devices such as iPad and iPhone. Creative Cloud CC 2019 has Photoshop, Lightroom CC and CC Classic in its mobile versions, so you can work while traveling, in bed or to show your projects to clients accompanied by the innovative Apple Pencil. You can also work from devices and upload your work to the cloud to continue when you want from the computer.


Although Adobe is larger when it comes to talk about design programs, photography, the passage of time and the interests of other companies have made strong rivals appear. Photoshop CC is one of the most used and popular programs of the Adobe package and in its version 2019 improved several functions. Among them the fill, in addition to adding a new development engine in Adobe Camera RAW. In addition, the live preview has been incorporated in the blending modes. And a small (but great) details is that with the Ctrl + Z function you can go back as you wish (before you had to use the Alt + Ctrl + Z command). The latter is available in all the programs of the package.


Creative Cloud and all Adobe applications are used to work on material that will later be seen on social networks. This is why you will now have access to Adobe Premiere Rush CC, a program created especially to create videos for Instagram and YouTube.

Lightroom CC allows you to organize, edit, store and share photos on any device and the cloud. Now you can create settings that are automatically synchronized on all your devices, make quick edits in a few clicks and stylize your photos with excellent results.



When it comes to finding work on issues related to design and communication, web design is one of the most sought after requirements, Creative Cloud Adobe could not be left behind. You can not stop training in UI and UX analysis to be able to prototype web pages. Adobe XD is the application used for these issues that since this year has the possibility of incorporating voice interactions and the possibility of working in parallel with other programs in the package.



All Creative Cloud updates will change the way designers and creators work in general. But without a doubt the big step is the incorporation of Project Aero, an application that will allow you to create designs in augmented reality.


Apple is strongly committed to this technology that won the hearts of users after the frenzy of Pokémon Go. The augmented reality is a new way of living with the digital environment, allows you to be present and communicate enjoying a new level and without limits. The augmented reality adds real elements to the existing reality and is not only applicable in video games, but it is expected to be of great help in the world of medicine, advertising, film, fashion and sports.



If you are not yet a subscriber of this Adobe service, you can sign up for a free 7-day trial to learn about all its applications and benefits. You can also access free tutorials to get the most out of the great Adobe package. If you are a student or teacher then you can access interesting discounts so you can create all your projects with the best software.

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