Graphic design


At SofiArt we create all kinds of logos, for any brand, sometimes we help with new technologies such as graphic tablets or we use a paper and a pencil, whatever is necessary to get to conceive the idea that the client has in mind.


We personally take care of everything related to personalized design for invitations to any type of event: from the original concept and adapted to your tastes and needs, to the selection of colors, etc. We assure creativity and adaptability to your ideas, you can walk through the portfolio and have a look at our works.


There are always times when details with the most loyal customers or followers can make a difference. We help you think about the design for a wide range of advertising items that you can use as a promotional strategy, ensuring you a good reception from your customers.

Graphic design can allow you to create a positive image that reflects the value and mission of your project. Nowadays, image is everything; we live in an environment that is now saturated with messages and information, on screens, on the street and in any space where a product can be sold. We are proposing that with the use of communication elements create in a graphic level whatever you want to communicate and thus reaching the public for which you are creating your products or providing your services. Get to know everything we can offer you.


Graphic design (or design in visual communication) is a discipline in which solutions are developed and executed to meet the communication needs of a company, entrepreneurship, project or product and allow it to target a specific audience. To achieve this, you must know to whom the message is addressed as well as the bases of the product or service that you are looking to sell. To specify the execution of these messages you must combine colors, letters, images and illustrations, but also take into account aesthetics, informative, identity aspects and more.

The history of graphic design is extensive, dating back to the first cave paintings in the year 20 thousand a.C. but began to take form with the creation of Gutenberg’s printing press in the year 1440. Long after the industrial revolution the foundations had been established and those remain to this day and the need that companies have to go to professional who know how to organize the visual elements in order to communicate ideas in a massive way was born.

Today design in visual communication is everywhere, you are surrounded by messages created by designers, starting with the milk container you have in the fridge, the advertising you see on your social networks to the covers of magazines and books.


Our team develops and designs all kinds of graphic solutions for your company, entrepreneurship or personal project. Tell us what you want to express and we will give you all the necessary resources to sell your idea, service or product.
We offer a wide range of graphic design services of logos, design or re -branding design, (analysis, design and strategy for your brand to be successful), creative design and corporate identity (all the visual elements necessary to reflect the characteristics, values and beliefs of your brand), ads and images for social networks as well as marketing strategies so that your product or service target the wanted audience. We offer quality services, adapted to your needs and to the needs of your potential clients.

Dedication, attention to detail and professionalism are just some of our qualities. Hiring professionals in graphic design will give you the solutions aligned to the idea you have, optimized to achieve the communication objectives that any product needs to be successful.


All graphic design process begins with a proposal and the planning stage. In it you can explain what you want to communicate, what your project is about and allow us to know more about it. This is also the time to study the target audience.

Then, once the concepts to be developed are clear, it is time to start creating the first drafts and designs until finding the most appropriate one for the project in question. Once ready you can check them out, and we can discuss possible changes and answer any questions regarding the work done. This stage is called review and involves feedback between the designer and the client, which will result in the concept to continue to be developed.

Once ready we will present the final files, at this point you can decide if you want more changes or if you want to sign your agreement to make way for the delivery.

Finally, you will be given all the files in high quality so that you can use them in your project.


In all our work we seek to generate the value that your product deserves, providing our creativity, innovation, experience and professionalism. All our services are personalized and flexible, according to the particular need of each project. We know how to interpret what you need and how to translate it graphically with professional results and that will help you boost the success of your business.

We feel passion for what we do, we turn something we love in our profession and every day we continue learning to provide better solutions. We know the importance and the value of the graphic identity of the brands, we will offer you all our talent and knowledge, taking care of even the smallest detail so that your brand can make a difference and be represented, as it deserves.


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