How can you detect a fake app?


Many users think that everything they find in Play Store is a real and secure application, but we must be aware of the existence of fake apps in the Google apps store.

It isn’t uncommon to see news like that 1 million users have downloaded a fake version of WhatsApp, with the risks that this represents in many cases for your smartphone and for the security of users data. Therefore, we must know that fake applications that are not harmful or malware, became a tool for getting income through the fame of other apps. And the worst of this fake apps is that is a problem that gets worse over time.

What types of fake applications can you detect?

Knowing the different fake applications that you can find in Play Store lets you know what risks you are exposed to, and how you can avoid them.

  • Copies of popular applications: the best known services, such as WhatsApp, have lots of copies with the appearance of being the real application. Its creators take into account every detail to try to simulate their reality. In most cases, they only want to generate revenue, and the truth is that they get a large number of downloads.

  • Falsifications. These are clones of wellknown apps that have became phenomena at the time. In many cases, they intend to be positioned by the name of the original product. You can identify them very easily, because their information do not correspond with the real app data.

  • Modified open source apps. Many programmers offer the code of their application to all those who want to modify it and recompile it to personalize it for their own use. They are the most dangerous, because open source allows to include malicious elements that can compromise the security.

How to avoid fake applications in Play Store?

The best way to avoid downloading a fake application is definitely applying the logic. Read all the information about it, like versions, icons, graphic material or its weight in megabytes is also essential. Of course, it is also worthwhile to read the opinions that users leave, because if it’s a fake app, it is usual to have complaints.

In addition, we recommend you to follow the steps below to minimize the risk of downloading fake apps:

First, you must only go to official stores to download applications, because in these spaces there are different barriers that avoid the possibility of entring malware or fake copies. This filter is not an absolute guarantee, but it is an important step to take into account.

Read all the information you can about the app you try to download. You will be able to see complaints and indications that it does not work properly. In addition, in the description of false applications, it’s common to see spelling or expression mistakes, which betray their non-professional origin.

It’s also recommended that you visit the developer’s website, and make sure it is a professional and safe place. Don’t forget to check the SSL certificate, a trusted protocol that guarantees its authenticity.

Another interesting recommendation is that you look for the existence of possible pixelated screenshots in the information, as they are a sign of fraudulent images made to deceive the Internet users. They are an unmistakable sign that you should not download that app.

Finally, we can not forget one of the key points to know if you are facing a real app: the number of downloads. Although it’s not a completely reliable data, it’s an indicator of an authentic product, because hardly an imitation of Instagram will have a number of downloads equal or bigger than the original product.

Keep in mind these tips to see if you are really downloading an authentic app!

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