When is design art?

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Technology and art are every time more related, the new areas are achieving an evolution of the art.

Completely original and innovator ways of art are being created. Art and design, which with the invention of cinema and television made a jump to movement, are now becoming even less static, including interaction with the user as an art of form.

So far, the owners of galleries and art critics define what was art, and what was not, and this privilege belongs only for an elite. Nowadays, everybody can create videos, photographs, edited images, figures with 3D printers, etc.

Now it is easier than ever to create art, and many artists use social networks to expose or sell their work.

The inconvenient of this democratization of art, is that every time it costs us more to filter the art that interests us. There is a great amount of noise that can be overwhelming, but thanks to the artificial intelligence that applies algorithms and tools such as hashtags, we can filter our interests and get to see what we really want.

The remaining question now is: is the design art? You could say that design can be an artistical expression. Digital resources and computer devices used by web designers, graphics, industrialists, etc., in accordance with the intention of the artist can generate a digital creation, and this can manage to be passive, interactive or participatory.

Some categories have been proposed in digital art such as video art, digital or multimedia image (Artistic creation that needs the participation of who observe it). Hence, can you think of a mobile app, or a website that some day can be consider as a work of art?